Our Process

Our Process

Investing your financial resources is a methodical process that requires inputs from a number of perspectives. As a general rule, we strive to take the least amount of risk necessary to drive success for the wealth planning models that have been developed along the way. By targeting this specific risk profile, we can minimize variations in returns and strive to deliver a more reliable outcome.

Your Team

Building on the team that is established in the wealth planning process, you will work with a dedicated wealth manager who is ultimately responsible for implementing and maintaining the investment portfolio.

Analyzing the Existing Portfolio

First, we study the existing holdings to identify any barriers that might hinder us from implementing the ideal portfolio. The most common obstacles that could stand in our way would be: holding requirements of company stock from employment, large unrealized capital gains or excessive surrender charges in structured investment products.

Constructing a Strategic Allocation

Next, we identify the optimal allocation based on the assumptions made in the planning process. This leads to the development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for each client. This document details the strategic allocation for the portfolio, the tolerance bands for rebalancing, as well as any special considerations identified during the initial analysis that must be carried forward.

Implementing the Strategy

Once we have agreed to an allocation and signed an IPS, we develop an implementation framework for review. The main considerations are asset location for different types of accounts and any accounts with limited investment choices. As soon as this has been mapped out, we proceed with the implementation of the portfolio and making all necessary changes to take us from point A to point B.

Tracking and Monitoring the Progress

As mentioned in the Wealth Planning process, we use a combination of proprietary reports and online performance reports to deliver real time updates and progress toward the goal. Internally, we monitor the portfolio daily for rebalancing opportunities. Further, we use overlays to maintain tax-efficiency while investing new cash or generating cash needed for distributions.

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