Our Process

Our step-by-step wealth planning process.

Planning for your financial future is a holistic process not a one-size fits all product. And it’s something we take very seriously. While we ask for a lot of information up front, we do so in the hopes of eliminating unanticipated hurdles or surprises.

Your Team

We believe the best way to serve you is through a collaborative, team-based service model. This allows us to broaden our client knowledge across multiple people and ensure that the appropriate subject matter expert can address your specific needs. Most importantly, you will have multiple people to rely on when questions come up, including team members from both our wealth planning and wealth management departments.

Constructing the Plan

Over the first six months, we meet approximately three to six times. During the initial meeting, we typically:

1. Establish short-term and long-term financial objectives

2. Review and analyze all relevant financial areas such as:

a. Investment Statements
b. Tax Returns
c. Sources of Income and Expenses
d. Insurance Policies
e. Legal/ Business Documents
f. Employee Benefits

3. Discuss any anticipated changes that may affect your plan

Once we have gathered the information needed, your Austin Asset team will analyze and evaluate your financial position in order to develop a plan that meets the goals set. Upon completion, we will meet in person to review the plan in detail.

Implement the Plan

Putting your plan in motion is an orchestrated exercise. It includes prioritizing recommendations, developing a timeline and coordinating resources including third party partners when necessary to carry out the plan.

Wealth Planning Tools

It’s one thing to review numbers, it’s another to see them come to life. That’s why we’ve created proprietary tools to set goals & track financial performance:

1. The BOW© Model

The Building Organized Wealth (BOW©) Model is a dynamic tool used to model different income, expense and savings scenarios.  The BOW aligns your goals with your actual financial situation for that year and designs an appropriate portfolio and path to achieve your financial goals.  Download an example here.

2. The ARROW©

The Actual Rate of Return on Wealth (ARROW©) Report provides an outlook of your portfolio’s actual performance against the yearly goal set in the BOW model.  The ARROW© tracks your entire portfolio including assets managed and not managed by Austin Asset.  Download an example here.

3. Online Performance Reporting Portal

As a valued client, you have access to our Online Performance Reporting Portal. The portal is an easy and secure way for clients to login and view comprehensive reporting on your portfolio. It also provides a secure means for us to share sensitive documents and for you to view and download quarterly reports.

Tracking & Managing the Plan

Tracking and managing your portfolio is a continuous process and conversation. And because we are on an unlimited access retainer, you can reach out to Austin Asset team members at any time. Every 90 days, you will receive a report on your portfolio’s progress and we invite you to come in quarterly if you prefer to review your progress together. At a minimum, we like to meet in person once a year for an annual review. During this meeting, we review the past year’s portfolio performance, as well as your projections for the coming year’s income, expenses and savings. Any changes or new goals or objectives will then be factored into an updated and revised BOW.