Families & Non-Profits

Our clients are priority number one.

We would rather service and delight a select number of discerning families and non-profits than recruit the masses.  We know that not every client is alike. We work with a diverse group of families and individuals and with that comes a different level of comfort and expectations when it comes to service and communication. We adapt to your needs. This should be the last time you make a decision on who manages your wealth.

Future financial security for my family.

We look at our relationship with clients as an extension of their family, focusing on their financial future so they can focus on their loved ones. We feel right at home in this honored role. Especially since most of us have our own families and can directly relate to their need for personal security. Together we develop a plan that meets your financial needs and leaves a legacy for your family.

Protect my interests and my name.

For many of our clients, anonymity is a valued and required necessity. Our team respects this and uses complete discretion in how sensitive financial information is shared and whom we share it with. We limit the number of colleagues and partners involved to the bare minimum. We understand that earning your trust is just as important as financial performance.

Let the numbers do the talking.

Frugality runs hand in hand with many financial decisions especially when the end goal is accumulating and amassing wealth for the future. Numbers matter and we like to review them consistently with you so you can feel comfortable in your portfolio’s performance. We also want you to “live for today”, so don’t be surprised if we encourage you to take that vacation or buy that special something. We wouldn’t give you the okay unless we felt confident your financial future was secure.

Non-Profits & Endowments

When your end goal is to use wealth for the betterment of others, longevity is key. And yet we also understand that most non-profits and endowments are in a constant dance of balancing that growth with short-term overhead, expenses and expenditures. We work to develop a plan that provides for long-term and sustained growth from investments while also being able to support your day-to-day operations and goal of impacting your community and others.