B.B.A., University of Texas at Arlington

Clayton is dedicated to helping carry out Austin Asset’s vision—to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we work with and the greater Austin community.

Clayton is a morning person. He wakes up early—and we mean early—to get the most out of his day. He is motivated to lead his best life and to ensure those around him can do the same. Clayton’s passion for helping people solve some of their most challenging questions regarding their well-being, their families, and their future aspirations is what led him to work in wealth management; here he found he has made the most significant impact.

When Clayton isn’t working with clients, he’s likely training for his next IronMan competition (he already has two under his belt), practicing yoga and meditation, or doing what he loves most—spending quality time with his wife, Katelyn, and their son, Remington.

Get to Know Clayton

Where would you like to visit?

South Africa for the ocean, wildlife, and, more importantly, the wine.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To communicate with anyone in any language—just think about how many people you could help.

Any hidden talents?

I’m a gifted foosball player. Sometimes.

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