Our Philosophy

Wealth planning is a journey.  Not a one-time exercise.

It’s a journey that calls for a trusted partner to help you reach your destination.

Destinations are our specialty at Austin Asset. How we reach your destination is different for every client. Our wealth planning process is about helping you make the best financial decisions along the way. Like any journey, you run into planned or unplanned obstacles or opportunities.

Austin Asset is here to guide you through the process of wealth planning. It means having hard but truthful conversations. And it means being transparent, honest and even vulnerable with each other. But when we reach each milestone and especially the end of the journey, it only makes it that much sweeter.


The starting point for any wealth plan is your particular life goals and dreams.

We want to know you – your spouse, children, and entire family – so we can address your financial needs holistically. Understanding the big picture allows us to connect the dots so we can work together to make the best financial decisions for today, tomorrow and the future.

While we cannot anticipate or predict every situation that may affect the wealth planning process, we understand that things may come up.  Where we can, we’ll want to prepare and gain insight to address these changes. Our goal is to be proactive not reactive.


Emotions easily cloud any decision but especially financial decisions.

We are here to listen but also to provide rational counsel. We believe in giving straightforward information and advice, which means telling you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Our founder says it best, “When only the truth will do.”

We’re also here to be an educator and translator. We translate the intangible into tangible goals. Because let’s face it, we all have a “number” in mind – the number that will provide financial freedom. However, it’s the intangibles that are driving us to that number – peace of mind, security, leaving a legacy. We are here to connect the two.


How can you enjoy today if you are only living for tomorrow?

Financial matters are complex and complicated decisions. Done right, they require a lot of time, energy and resources. We are here to focus on your financial future so you can attend to your family’s needs today.

There is security in predictable planning and communication. Our responsibility is to be the catalyst for your financial future. If we need to involve you, we will. If not, you can trust that we are proactively looking out for you and your family, helping to create a lasting legacy for generations to come.