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Austin Asset is formally incorporated.  The founder, John Henry McDonald, sets out to be Austin’s premier personal financial planning company.  We’ve never strayed from his path.


Austin Asset becomes one of the first “fee-only” firms in Central Texas.  It begins to manage money for clients and receives national recognition for setting the new “fee-only” standard in truly personal objective wealth management.


Austin Asset grows to $25M in assets under management and becomes federally registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


The firm now has over $100M in assets under management.  Eric Hehman becomes an owner of the firm.


Following two years of operation in a collaborative service model, John Henry begins his succession plan.  Eric Hehman is named CEO, and Greg Van Wyk becomes an owner of the firm.


The firm reaches nearly $400M in assets under management.  The succession plan continues, and Jonathan Davison becomes an owner of the firm.


The firm now has $600M in assets under management.  John Henry completes his succession plan and follows his own advice to retire—leaving a legacy to be carried on.


Austin Asset celebrates over thirty years of partnership in continuous growth, both personal and financial, and now has $800M in assets under management.


The firm reaches an industry milestone of $1 billion in assets under management. As part of a multi-year plan to expand the ownership/leadership of the firm, Kristin Jaggard is named Chief Financial Officer and becomes an owner of the firm.


Will Wike becomes an owner of the firm and further broadens the ownership across the more than twenty knowledgeable team members to support its commitment to providing Authentic Advice—For Life.

Now that you have a glimpse of our history, we hope you become a part of our family.

Our mission is to bring clarity and purpose to wealth through authentic and enduring relationships.

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