Authentic Advice Video: Retirement Readiness

Will Wike, CFP® answers a question that we get frequently: “How do I prepare for retirement?” In this Authentic Advice video, we explore retirement readiness.

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Authentic Advice Video: Client Observations

W. Eric Hehman, CFP® answers some of the most pressing questions our clients have had in recent months.

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Authentic Advice Video: Rebalancing Strategies

Two Rebalancing Strategies Over time, the ups and downs of financial markets can change the profile of your investment plan, leaving you with more risk than you would like, or less growth potential than you need.  Both of which can be detrimental to your long-term financial plan. When we return, I will share with you […]

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Authentic Advice Video: Disaster Plan

What’s your disaster plan? Many of us are feeling the financial and operational shocks of Covid-19.  A couple of years ago we went through ‘disaster’ planning, also known as ‘contingency’ planning, and we still do it every year. While we could not have predicted what would or could cause us to move the firm to […]

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Authentic Advice Video: Behavioral Bias

Are you a better-than-average driver? Regardless of what my wife says, I know I am, and chances are you think you are too.  That is because nearly three-quarters of people think they are better-than-average drivers.  Besides being mathematically impossible, this statistic is an example of overconfidence—and is just one illustration of how certain biases can […]

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Authentic Advice Video: IRA for Estate Planning

In our Authentic Advice series video, Clayton Boone will discuss the benefits of an IRA. Not in the context of retirement savings, but in the context of an effective Estate Planning tool.

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