Several of Austin’s top wealth management firms, including Austin Asset, are teaming up with UT to build a talent pipeline to the industry. Together, they launched last year the Wealth Management Center at McCombs, which is offering an undergraduate minor in wealth management, as a specialization for students already studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Austin’s booming innovation economy is generating newfound wealth as migrants from California and other states bring with them large fortunes of their own.

These dynamics are creating demand for more wealth management professionals in Austin.

Austin Asset’s Greg Van Wyk commented, “For the last 20 years I’ve gotten to raise a family, I’ve gotten to coach every team our kid plays on — I haven’t left life aside. In certain other professions, I gather you have to give up a lot more of yourself to be a part of that career track.”

“We work really hard but we want to model a lifestyle and a handle on ourselves in a way that others want to emulate. So we think work-life balance is really important to sustain this.”

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How Wealth Management Can Adapt to Changing Needs of Market, Talent Pipeline

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